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Teasers and wand toys for cats really help to mimic a natural setting for the pet by allowing your feline to practice some chasing and hunting. Your furry friend would love to enjoy and exhibit its predatory nature whilst getting the much needed exercise for a lean body. Petsworld offers a variety of teasers and wands that your cat will find hard to resist. These toys are sure to capture your pet’s attention and busy it healthily. Whether you own a kitten or an adult cat playing with suitable to

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Petsworld understands how precious your dog’s life is, hence a full shop dedicated to various dog breeds and their unique needs. If your search for dog food online has brought you here, rest assured, for what you see are the best brands of dog accessories and food at unmatchable prices. From inception to its launch as a pet food and accessories shop, the central idea around Petsworld has and will always remain adding quality to your pets’ lives. The entire dog products’ range has been formulat

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The characteristic feature of most of these cafes is no longer coffee but in aromatic flavors & alcoholic beverages as part of their very attractive menu. Well we have no problem with the tobacco added to the hookahs or the blended fruity flavors in it… One first impression of the cafes is the ambience with a college-goer vibe. The jet- paced city life could (1 hour of hookah session = 100 cigarettes) bring in some high-school students too. The point of consternation is – most of the clientele r

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Investing in a Uranium ETF and the extent of its returns depends a lot on whether a bottom has been reached in this sector or not. The Uranium free falls, which begin with Fukushima reactor mishap, may now seem to be settling, as the developed countries are collectively consenting that they are unable to meet their energy demands without the aid of Nuclear Energy. However the prices of the mineral and Uranium funds have seen a constant downswing since its highs of 2007, suggesting a near bottom

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Unlimited options that the broader equity markets offers today are best harnessed when coupled with sound research, preferably through professional ETF Consulting services. A niche area, which is gaining popularity as it simplifies the complex world of equity traded products that sprawl across the highest dividend paying Canadian securities to the very dynamic Chinese consumer stocks. ETF Research is executed by professionals and is often customized as per the need of the client and most reputed

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Our very own Bloom-Boxes: BEAUTIFUL GARDENS OF DEF COL The gravitational pull seems to increase horizontally dragging my mind and soul, to the ostentatious beauty of green-oxygen on display in Defence Colony. I foresee a lack of green in future; the new mammoth structures with their facades oozing out till their boundary walls and ground level space being allotted to parking cars. Before every second house starts to appear more like a commercial concrete building, I felt the need to highlight a

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The most ripened fruit bears the sweetest taste - A thought occurred me’ and connecting it to the revered faces of our very own colony lead me to a rendezvous with some senior faces of defence colony. It all began with a 15 minute tete-a-tete and an entire overview on the practice of authenticity, love, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and humour. Dr. Meera Singh and (her husband) MAJ. Jasbir Singh, the 1980’s and retirement retreat to parental home in def-col `C’ block. A time when
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